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Hello friends – I’ve moved my whole site over to http://www.StephanieAustin.com so please go and find me there. I have the blog, pages, services and resources over on that new site so I look forward to seeing you there. I’ve outgrown the capacity of this WordPress format.

Today’s Lunch from Superbowl Leftovers


Completely delicious. Black beans, butternut squash ‘rice’, spicy seed pate, assorted sprouts, nori and loads of love.

Superbowl Sunday included an assortment of delicious and nutritious foods:

Raw Spinach Artichoke dip made w/o dairy, cashews & Nutritional Yeast instead- Quinoa crackers for dipping- Chickpea salad – homemade Miang Kum w/spinach, coconut, lime, ginger, onions, etc – Fennel, Avo, Grapefruit salad tossed in Lime – Fresh made Turmeric/Ginger tea and Strawberries w/ Cashew Cream for dessert.

Chef Mom and I created an assortment of amazing foods that everybody loved. Now I get to love the leftovers!

Chopping Releases MORE Enzymes!

This morning, The Wellness Kitchen and Resource Center’s  Executive Director reposted  The Cancer Fighting Kitchen’s Facebook post:
Who Knew: chopping cauliflower releases enzymes that increase the bioavailability of its nutrients. Delaying cooking for 5-10 minutes after cutting helps insure that heat won’t destroy these enzymes’ effectiveness. Also, the enzymes need Vitamin C to activate, which can be accomplished with a hit of lemon or lime juice.
which activated my brain (without chopping, mind you) to elaborate upon this statement since there is so much more to consider.

How is this possible?

It’s the phytochemicals! Breaking the cells (chewing, cutting) in cabbage (other cruciferous family foods too) actually releases myrosinase, an enzyme that breaks down glucosinolates into cancer fighters and increases them by like 400%! Researchers suggest it’s the plant’s defense mechanism. Same thing with onions, we cry due to the enzyme released by the veggie once cut into. It is the glucosinolates that make the brassica family so cancer fighting. The Brassica and Allium family foods are the leaders in cancer fighting foods.

Bummer fact most people don’t consider is that heat greatly alters the structure and reduces the quantity of bioavailable phytonutrients. So the level of glucosinolates in the brassica family vary greatly depending on the method of cooking, time and temperature, veggie to water ratio and so much more. There are researchers in the UK studying how long a veggie has to sit, chopped and enzyme activity increasing, to have enough enzymes remain in tact after heating. That’s why I want to see a book which lists EACH food and the affect heat plays on it specifically; at which temperatures, by what processing, for what duration, etc. Haven’t seen one yet though so I’m left up to generalities like – Eat your veggies raw or lightly blanched!

Stephanie Austin Photography in the News


Stephanie Austin Photography is featured on We Like It Raw’s article on Courtney Pool‘s new “The Spirulina Recipes” ebook. Check it out HERE.

For more on my Photography services:

Since 1998, Stephanie has been capturing your memories in a digital capsule of time. She shoots in a photojournalistic style for full story-like coverage of your most precious events. From weddings and portraits to food and travel, Stephanie’s photos will transport you back to each time and place. Through composition, lighting, depth of field, and artistry, photos captured by Stephanie will bring near to heart the feelings of once-distant memories… CLICK HERE for more.

For more on Spirulina and it’s amazing nutritional benefits:

Spirulina is considered by many medical doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts to be one of the world’s most powerful superfoods.  What is it?

It’s an algae.  Yes, you heard right- algae.  Is it pond scum?  Well, that’s how it’s often joked about, but in fact, it is an algae that grows in pristine, highly concentrated salt lakes, at a high pH… CLICK HERE for more.

For more on Courtney Pool:

Courtney has studying natural health, cleansing, and holistic nutrition and have been eating raw vegan foods for over 7 years. She has juice feasted and fasted for over 155 days, including a consecutive 60 day Juice Feast… CLICK HERE for more.